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Vertical Marketing Supports Emerald Estates Project with Logo Design

At Vertical Marketing, we are excited to be a part of the Emerald Estates Project, a collaboration between Spirit of Okoboji and Emerald Hills Golf Course that will expand the golf course and bring new housing opportunities to the Iowa Great Lakes area.

Logo of Emerald Estates
Emerald Estates

Our team had the privilege of working with the project developer to create a logo that represents the essence of this unique endeavor. The logo features a modern, abstract representation of a golf ball with two mirrored "E"s inside, symbolizing "Emerald Estates," and a small golf tee in the subheading to emphasize the project's golfing aspect.

We aimed to create a design that captures the lush green landscape of the golf course, the anticipated fun and excitement for future residents, and the timeless charm and nostalgia of the Iowa Great Lakes region.

As the project progresses, we look forward to seeing how this logo will become a recognizable symbol of the Emerald Estates community.

Vertical Marketing is proud to support the Emerald Estates endeavor and contribute to the growth and development of the Okoboji region. We are excited to see how this collaboration between Spirit of Okoboji and Emerald Hills Golf Course will build upon the area's rich history and create new opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Learn more about this development:

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