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Over 20 years of design + marketing experience

Vanessa Moore
Brand Storyteller + Designer + Explorer

I find great satisfaction in helping others create and enhance their brands. 
I see marketing as an ever-evolving field with endless opportunities for innovation and creative new strategies for customer engagement. I have developed an insightful approach to developing customer personas to increase ROI.

Volunteerism is part of my blood. I enjoy giving my time and talents to organizations within the communities I serve.

I also enjoy traveling. Due to years of trans-continental travels, I believe I am able to bring fresh ideas to the table with an open mind. Combining creative marketing tactics with consumer diversity in mind is a slam-dunk in this ever-growing global market place. 

My expertise lies in successfully conceptualizing and implementing innovative marketing initiatives—including both digital and traditional media channels—to drive market impact and expansion for multi-million dollar companies, including both for-profit and non-profit. I possess a deep understanding of product and service development/distribution, advertising, market research and social media management. Additionally, my proven talents in event strategy, branding and customer analytics positions me to make a significant impact at your business. 

My proven success in achieving corporate marketing objectives, along with my comprehensive expertise in developing strategic initiatives and programs throughout all levels of the marketing cycle, contribute immensely to those businesses and organizations of which I have been part of. 

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