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A Brand Refresh

Updated: Apr 18

Primghar, Iowa - O'Brien County Public Health is thrilled to announce a pivotal moment in their journey with the introduction of a new logo, a symbol deeply rooted in pride, heritage, and their commitment to community well-being. Developed in collaboration with Vertical Marketing + Design, this emblematic design captures the essence of the rich Irish history deeply embedded in O'Brien County.

Pictured above is the before (left) and after refresh (right).

What's Changing?

This rebrand signifies a transformative step forward. The new logo features four distinct leaves, elegantly arranged to form a harmonious and symbolic representation. Each leaf is a nod to the rich Irish history that permeates O'Brien County, embodying unity, growth, and the diverse threads of their community.

Significance and Benefits:

  • Heritage Tribute: The logo stands as a powerful tribute to their heritage, embracing the Irish roots that have played a pivotal role in shaping O'Brien County.

  • Unity and Diversity: Each leaf represents a unique aspect of their community's history, showcasing the diversity and vibrancy that define O'Brien County.

  • Commitment to Well-Being: Beyond aesthetics, this logo is a commitment to the health and well-being of all who call O'Brien County home. It symbolizes their promise to provide quality public health services with a deep understanding of our community's unique identity.

"As we unveil this emblem, we invite the entire community to join us in celebrating our history and our enduring commitment to public health. The logo serves as a visual reminder of the unity and strength that define our community in Northwest Iowa," said Korrie Ewoldt BSN, RN the Health Nurse Administrator at O'Brien County Public Health.

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